EasyReader is an app that helps people to read. It can help anyone get through their daily life, and can also be used by international students or students with learning disabilities. EasyReader can open the door for a wider range of job opportunities and a better life in modern society.


“I am a LIS researcher in the United States, but do a lot of work with researchers in Nigeria, India and other developing countries, where English is a primary official language, but many people are not fluent/literate in the language. I could see applications for this app in those countries where individuals may have an understanding of spoken English but not of written English, particularly when it comes to government and research communications and more rural populations whose primary local language may not be one that receives a translation. This could certainly help with economic empowerment in these regions. Very impressive work!”

Brady Lund, Emporia State University


Icon Driven and Intuitive

Easy Reader is icon-driven, making it easy to use for illiterate people to navigate the applications

Image to Speech

Take a photo of the text you want to read and it will read it out to you.

Speech to Text

Need to write a text to someone? Speak the words to the app, and it will convert it to text. It will then replay the words it has written to make sure you have got it right. Then copy and paste the text as you like.

Text to Speech

Received some text but you cant read it? Type it into the app and let it read it out to you.